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Christmas Eating: Jolly not Clueless

Image result for christmas beverages with alcohol    Image result for christmas beverages with alcohol

It’s time to update a blog I did a few years ago on Christmas eating because we have a whole set of new rules, here are 5 to consider.

1. Why bother to pick on the poor eggnog when every day of the year you drink a Mocha Frappuccino with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. The eggnog has 312 calories in a 355 ml (12 oz.) serving, versus 390 in your specialty coffee and you only drink the eggnog once a year!
2. Festive Salads; Stop trying to eat healthier at Christmas, that’s how you get into trouble. Sure Kale is one of the ingredients but by the time you’ve added the cheeses, the nuts and seeds, the croutons or fried crispy things and the creamy mayo-based dressing you would have been so much better off with the roasted turkey breast, gravy, Brussels sprouts and a potato.
3. Shortbread or Gingerbread? Trust me go gingerbread.
4. If you close your eyes tightly enough and just worry about food you should be able to block out the fact that most of your calories and fat are coming from alcoholic beverages. But, if you are thinking of facing reality, alternate each alcoholic drink with a tall glass of sparkling water with fruit of your choice: lime slices, orange twists, lemon wedges, sprigs of mint or whole fresh cranberries. Remember, Vodka is clear, but not clear of calories. Irish Cream, the clue is in the name. Champagne, those calories won’t just bubble away …..
5. Is Canadian fruitcake really an issue for you? I’m working on the assumption that you are planning on re-gifting it anyway. If it’s Caribbean rum fruit cake, made with dried fruit that has been soaked in rum (screech) for one year, then see my note above and know this is the one alcoholic beverage you will actually chew.

Finally, remember that for those of us who have always struggled with our weight the goal is to be the same weight December 1st, 2015 and January 1st, 2016, there really is no point setting any other goal this time of the year.

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