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I’ll get back to my natural remedies in their natural food form at my next post, first a quickie Christmas eating survival guide. Listed from best food/beverage choice to worst:

  1. Turkey. Roasted lean meat, even with a little skin it’s a good choice
  2. Vegetables, steamed or oven roasted and Salads made with vegetables. It’s not a salad if it is mostly cheese, nuts, potato and pasta. Use any salad dressing just not creamy ones. (Ranch)
  3. Cranberry Sauce*. Make it at home, it’s really easy and throw in some apples or pears to boost nutrients and fibre
  4. Mashed Potatoes. Try mashing with a little chicken broth instead of milk and use less butter
  5. Rice dishes like Rice and Peas. Don’t use solid coconut cream, use coconut milk and dilute it with 2% milk
  6. Gravy. A couple of tablespoons won’t do you any harm, it’s the floating sea of gravy that we fear
  7. Pies. Fruit pies like Apple or Peach are at least doable. Cream or Nut pies will astound with the fat and calories increase, stick with the fruit
  8. Eggnog. One 8 ounce cup can set you back 290 Calories and 11 grams of Fat. Fat intake for an adult for an entire day is 65-75 g., better not have a second cup!
  9. Stuffing. Sausage meat, giblets, oil soaked bread, no pretenses here!
  10. Cream Liqueurs. 327 Calories and 13 grams of Fat in 100 ml, that’s less than ½ a cup! Just a reminder that during the holidays we are drinking our fat.

Final thought, aim to weigh the same amount on January 1st as you did back on December 1st that way you won’t start the new year with more guilt.

*See my favourite cranberry sauce recipe in the Featured Recipes Section

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